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Prepare for an amazing event where you connect with like-minded business building warriors and learn our latest proven strategies.


July 6-8, 2023
Thursday - Saturday


Hilton Downtown Columbus
(Only $139 Night!)

402 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Pablo Aguilar

Cris Beam

Jonathan Bricker

Eric Bussey

Spencer Carlson

Adam Chontos

Trey Cockrum

 Leanna Crocco

Jessica Decker

Ashlin Hadden

Doug Hampshire

Karl Jacobi

Joseph Kelsey

Samuel Krushnisky

Abe McMahan

Leigha Modlin

Michael Morejon

Gaye & Gary Moseley

Brian & Robin Olson

Sue & Larry Pruett

Jeff Schick

Ammi Stover

Jonathan Stover

Ty Talbot

Taylor Thomas

Matt Thompson

Greg Webb

Blake Whilden

Delia Ursulescu


Jim Cockrum

Andrea Cockrum

Jimmy Smith

Nathan Bailey

Here's What You Can Expect:

  • We focus on multiple income streams. This isn't just about Amazon (although our Amazon selling content is second to none and will be a topic of special emphasis at this event).
  • Our events can sell out rapidly.  This venue is slightly smaller than ones we've used in the past.  Don't delay if you plan to attend.
  • Many attendees will come a day or two or early and stay a day or two late. Plan to stay at the host hotel for the best experience in networking.
  • We've been churning out success stories since 2002. You'll see what it feels like to be in a room full of long-time, successful, helpful fellow entrepreneurs.
  • This is not a "pitch fest." This is actionable content. There will be no hard sells.
  • Our anonymous post-event surveys have consistently shown that 96% or more of those attending say they intend to return.
  • We love bringing you pure content and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know.
  • Learn directly from the creative content experts behind the best selling, and most acclaimed Amazon selling course in the world - the!
  • Multiple breakout sessions based on the topics you request in our attendee surveys.

This year will feature 40+ session and brand new trainings from our coaching team & top performing students including topics such as:

  • All new, nearly perfect "buy and hold" product that gets amazing returns on Amazon consistently.
  • Using a never before seen BOT strategy to comb through retail websites for winning inventory like clockwork.
  • Using Print on Demand as a low cost, low risk path into predictable private label wins (never taught before).
  • VIP Ticket Holders: based on your responses to our VIP pre-event questionnaire, you'll have the option to be assigned to a mastermind group that will meet briefly AT THE EVENT as well as by zoom as frequently as you'd like!
  • Learn to easily source and sell books in bulk to a single "bulk book buyer group" for fast, predictable payouts!
  • Are you ready to open a physical storefront location to sell excess inventory and closeouts/liquidations? Find out how our top leaders are doing this model with success!
  • We need more prep-centers! Find out what it takes to open and operate a small, profitable prep center with even minimal available space with which to operate!
  • Ramping up your Branded Bundle game with the team that's making it happen for numerous clients.
  • Discussion panels on finding great REPLENS, best practices for scaling, building new income streams besides Amazon.
  • Advanced Keepa sourcing strategies from our top coaches.
  • Advice on when you need a coach, when you need a prep center and when you need a virtual assistant.
  • Best practices and SOPs (standard operating procedures) for all Amazon REPLENS sellers.
  • Form a no-cost Mastermind AT THE EVENT to boost your business to the next level
  • Brand new seller classes to boost your confidence and help you see fast results.
  • ... much more of course! Full schedule released as the event gets closer!

So many 'NEVER SEEN BEFORE' PROVEN concepts will be revealed at this conference!

Do you have a spouse or family member who isn’t actively involved in your e-commerce business? Be sure to bring them along. Every year one of the most popular sessions is taught by Jim‘s wife Andrea Cockrum. It’s designed specifically for the spouse of e-commerce entrepreneurs. These are consistently one of the best attended, and most beloved and entertaining sessions of the entire event!  This is a free/open session! NO EVENT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO ATTEND ANDREA'S SESSIONS!

The Proven Conference is about YOUR Success!

There’s a motto going around our community: Success is like CANDLE LIGHT, not CAKE.”   

This simply means that the more we share, the more we are able to experience success. In contrast to eating a cake (which is very limited once a few people get their slice), we know that YOUR success does NOT mean there's less for the rest of us - it's quite the opposite!

As we grow together and encourage each other forward using our proven strategies, we all experience more success. We believe that we lose nothing when we help others - so we do!

We want to see you succeed as so many 1000's of others in our community have already done!

This Event will change your life in ways that you can't possibly anticipate!

Please know this -

We've heard time and time again that the best part of our annual events are the people who you will meet in the hallways.  This event will be no exception!

There is absolutely no inherent intelligence or special skills that our leaders and successful attendees possess. We all started where you started: with limited resources and having no previous experience selling online.

While we do not teach any get-rich-quick-schemes around here, we do use proven strategies that have been learned and applied by 1000's of successful students all over the world. In our community you'll find people who had more excuses than you have, less experience and knowledge than you - coming from a place of more challenges, fewer resources and more roadblocks who have something you don't have yet - a thriving online business! Being surrounded by these types of people and these types of strategies will change you and propel you to new heights!

Yes, you might experience some failures and challenges, but we are here to help! We want to minimize the time and investment required to put you on your path to success. Being at a live event like the Proven Conference will propel you on your journey towards the life that you KNOW is possible.

Come join us!

Jim Cockrum

Host, "Silent Sales Machine Radio" Podcast 

See Comments from Attendees 
of past Proven Conferences

Very moved & touched by the conference! Hit me right in the heart! What business conference does that? Simply WOW! Especially that ending. Thank you Jim!

Jonathan M.

I am truly grateful to have been able to watch and learn from such an awesome group of people. You guys are doing it right. I feel blessed to have found you.

Tamara B.

The highlight for me, was the generosity of the attendees. People shared trade secrets, ideas, friendship, food, transportation—but most of all, they shared themselves. I know I have at least one new real FRIEND from conference. Thank you for the conference, Jim.

Angel C.

Thanks Jim, Andrea, and entire MST staff for top-notch conference, first class all the way! And the knowledge shared? I'll be sorting through my notes and checking out all the resources, links, and tips for several more weeks. Will need replays and slides when available, because writer's cramp hit and I'm sure I missed more than half of all that presentation goodness. First event and it's thumbs up!

Greg C.

Not only was the last three days relevant, it was practical and useful. This is an amazing testament to excellent leadership! Well done!!! Thanks everyone who made this possible!

William W.

Giving Jim a much deserved "thank you" accompanied by a handshake face to face did it for me. That and meeting Gary. Those 2 have been solely responsible for the life I've been fortunate enough to enjoy up to now. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards both of those gentlemen.

Alberto D.

I am still in amazement of all the wonderful people I meet this week! It was a true honor talking and sharing ideas with everyone. A huge thank you to Jim and his team for putting this event on! You have created an incredible community where like-minded people can prosper from the synergy of working together. I pray that God would bless each person in their business endeavors. "If i have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Thank you to all the giants in this group for sharing so freely!

Nick W.

Hosted At

Hilton Downtown Columbus Ohio
402 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

We have received an extreme group discount!  After purchasing a ticket, all attendees will be given a link to secure a room well below any price you will find elsewhere. 

Here are just a few photos from the Hotel - 

for more, visit Hilton Downtown Columbus online!

We Can't Wait to See You in July 2023!

More Comments from Attendees 
of past Proven Conferences

Thank you to ALL who are part of presenting this workshop! The value I have gotten here is off the charts. My most heartfelt thanks!

Christie H.

Thanks to Jim and his amazing team! Awesome 3 days. Thank you!!

Kathy S.

I thought, "Is this really for real?"... And so I came, not knowing what to expect, but I've been blown away! There's just been so many great ideas about how I can build my business and establish multiple income streams! I am really excited and really thankful that Jim really is the real deal.


As an eCommerce website owner, I'm trying to get onto Amazon, and that's why I'm here... Honestly, between the speakers and the networking and all of the contacts I've collected so far—I've been AMAZED! BLOWN AWAY! I mean, when you read on the internet, the testimonials, but to see it first-hand, in-person has been the most wildest experience.

Sara D.

I'm here at the Conference. This is my first time, and I'm meeting a lot of new people, making new connections, taking a lot of notes, and I have a list of action items I'm going to take home and do.

Kim C.

I started with very little money... [In 12 months], I had been doing well enough to finally quit my job, and I thought that was the biggest accomplishment I could possibly make. Then, I found out my very best friend had come down with stage 4 cancer... through everything I've learned from Jim and his team, I've been able to maintain my business while being able to take care of my friend... be there for her every day—something I would not be able to do if I were still working in my little cubicle... like I have for the previous 21 years. 

Bob B.

So many precious moments shared. This was our first conference and we feel so blessed to be a part of this movement. I've been in business for over 30 years and have NEVER experienced anything like it.

Stephanie C.

This is my first conference. It's been a GREAT conference—tons of good energy here, lots of great people! The connections are amazing. It's like the who's who of FBA are out here.

Rob A.

This was, without a doubt, the best money I have invested in myself since I started this journey a year ago! Thanks to EVERYONE involved! Amazing 3 days!

Cristy O.

I'm here at the Conference, and I've got to say this has been an AMAZING event, wonderful opportunity for you to network with other entrepreneurs—people that are in your space—which we don't get to do a lot! A lot of times we're in our living room and don't get a chance to talk with other people that know what they're doing and that can really share their expertise. That's why this is such a valuable conference to attend!

Robyn J.

The connections alone made this conference worth attending. This is an amazing community! I received so much from so many. I have enough ideas and direction to keep me busy the next year. Thanks everyone!

Mary M.

I think one of my favorite parts of conference has been the relationships that are built. Of course there's lots of great information, but then you're able to interact with real people who are really doing this business and other businesses like it that are successful in their own ways. We're able to interact around those ideas and so there's a lot of synergy that happens there.

Joe K.

Thanks Jim and MST team for another amazing conference. This was true servant leadership in action.

Doug S.

I've never had the privilege of gaining so many fabulous Facebook friends in such a short period of time. Now my news feed is filled mostly with updates from all of you, which seems to have pushed a lot of junk out of the way. I love it!!!

Tom C.

Wow what an amazing first conference experience. Jim you truly have a character about yourself that models integrity. Thank you, your family, and all your team for everything you do!

Emily W.

Tentative Schedule

The schedule will be posted as soon as possible.

Plan on 9am-5pm Thursday & Friday, July 6th & 7th, and 9am-4pm on Saturday, July 8th.   

There will a Worship Service Wed at 7:30 pm &  a Worship Service Sunday at 10:00 am

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my kids?

  • If they are under 16 and can sit quietly, they can attend sessions with you.
  • If they are 16 or older, they will need a ticket.
  • If you are VIP only those with VIP tickets will be able to attend the VIP lunch with you.

Big discounts available for all our Coaching students and Proven Amazon Course students!
Click here for details  or
contact Support

VIP Tickets


  • All benefits of General Admission ticket plus...
  • Early room entry each day for seat selection and VIP networking with the presenters and coaches from our team
  • Exclusive lunches on two of the three days with speakers, coaches and your fellow VIP attendees 
  • You'll be assigned to a mastermind group based on your pre-event questionnaire responses.
General Admission Tickets


  • 3 days of content-packed presentations by leaders and successful community members
  • Online access to professionally recorded video or audio of the conference sessions
  • Over 40 Livestream sessions will be included.  The most we've ever had!

REFUND POLICY:  Before buying your ticket, please note - you are committing to attend.  We will not be able to offer refunds after May 25th.  Tickets are not transferable.  If you need to contact support email us here.

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