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Jim Cockrum

Opening Session Day One

All ticketed and non-ticketed attendees are welcome! Bring your family even if they aren't registered. This session is designed to help you prepare to make the most of our conference!

Pablo Aquilar

3 Ps of Prep - Improving your Amazon Prepping Strategies (Intro Video)

Explore the key factors involved in properly preparing (prepping) your Amazon inventory including: setting up your workspace for optimal production and fine-tuning your system with a "lean manufacturing philosophy." Minimize prep expenses and maximize your profits!

Nathan Bailey

* See Leanna Crocco & Matt Thompson

Cris Beam

Getting off to a fast start on Amazon (Intro Video)

Topic geared toward newer sellers that have been on Amazon for less than a year. Cris will discuss growth and what it takes to achieve it, help you set goals and then deconstruct them down to the number of ASINs and funds needed. Session will also cover sourcing methods, how to evaluate an ASIN and how to replenish accordingly.

Jonathan Bricker

Build a Business by Helping Brands Manage Their Amazon Presence (Intro Video)

In this session, Jonathan Bricker, Abe Orolani and Jonathan Stover will discuss how they have successfully assisted many brands (including their own) in navigating Amazon successfully. They’ll also discuss how any experienced amazon seller can begin to do the same to diversify their income by pursuing what we call the “PPP” ( model. 

Jonathan Bricker

Amazon PPC for 2023 - (*Advanced - For Branded Bundles, PPP & PL) (Intro Video)

In this session Jonathan Bricker and Abe Ortolani will share proven PPC Advertising strategies they use to maximize organic sales, minimized wasted ad spend, and get the highest level of control for your PPC advertising setup to be used in your Branded Bundle, Private Label, or Product Partnering Strategies. Get ready for a deep dive into strategy, tactics, data and more!

Eric Bussey

Building a retail presence to compliment your Amazon business (Intro Video)

In this session Eric will explore the benefits of opening a local retail presence as a complimentary income stream to your Amazon presence.

Spencer Carlson

Lessons learned going from $0 to $5million per year on Amazon (Intro Video)

From nursing career and zero business experience to building a team of 30, here are the top takeaways from a pair of first time entrepreneurs. Use these insights and lessons to smash your growth goals.

Adam Chontos

New Amazon Sellers Sourcing Essentials (Intro Video)

Start with best practices as you begin your amazon selling journey. Adam is a coach on our team who runs a successful replens and bundle business. He’ll be sharing the basic sourcing methods of Replens. Learn the advantage of Reverse Sourcing and move away from barcode scanning!

Andrea Cockrum **

Real Life with an Entrepreneur- non ticketed spouses welcome! 

No registration required. NO LIVESTREAM NOT RECORDED  ** THIS SESSION WILL BE OFFERED MORE THAN ONCE to help you plan your schedule.

Jim Cockrum & Greg Webb

A Mathematical and Biblical Case for Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Why does it matter? Join Greg Webb and Jim Cockrum as they discuss Bitcoin from a Biblical/ethical perspective and a "mathematical inevitability" perspective.

Judy Cockrum, Tye Cockrum, Ruben Rojas & more

Inventory Management and Inventory Lab Discussion Panel

Join a group discussion about best practices for inventory management with the team who manages Jim Cockrum's inventor for his Replens, Amazon, eBay and Walmart businesses.

Trey Cockrum

Developing a seven figure mindset (Intro Video)

All businesses are a SYSTEM. The right mindset mixed with a proven system leads to unstoppable success! Trey Cockrum (Jim's son) runs a successful ecommerce coaching company with 5 to 6 figures in sales monthly. He's not in the Amazon niche.

Leanna Crocco

Branded Bundles - The latest strategies (Intro Video)

Join Leanna Crocco and Nathan Bailey on a deep dive into one of the most exciting and slightly more advanced strategies we teach in our communnity - branded bundles! If you are seeing some momentum in your REPLENS business, it's time to explore branded bundles.

Jessica Decker

Online Sourcing (Online Arbitrage aka OA) for newbies (Intro Video)

Join a panel discussion about finding profitable replens. Session lead by Jessica Decker - a coaching team leader and co-creator of the content that's the top online sourcing strategy in the library. Additional panel members: Cris Beam, Tori Knudsen and Grant Douglas

Grant Douglas

How to scale rapidly as a seller on Amazon (Intro Video)

Grant's Amazon business took off fast! Here the strategies he deployed to build quickly with the Replens model.

Ashlin Hadden

Building a Business on Biblical Principles (Intro Video)

Timeless wisdom from the Bible can guide entrepreneurs in creating and growing successful businesses and teams. Discover how fundamental values like integrity, honesty, and compassion and other foundational biblical concepts such as servant leadership, stewardship of resources, fostering a harmonious workplace culture, and nurturing long-term customer relationships based on trust can help your business thrive.

Jared Hall

Mastering the Financial Maze: Taxes, Accounting, and Bookkeeping for Business Success

Join us for this breakout session where we'll delve into the intricacies of taxes, accounting, and bookkeeping. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, this session is designed to equip you with essential knowledge and strategies to navigate the financial aspects of your venture with confidence.

Doug Hampshire

Safeguarding Your Digital World: Essential Computer Security for Amazon Sellers (Intro Video)

Even non-technical attendees will benefit from this session that will addresses the fundamentals of computer security, equip you with practical tips and empowers you to protect your digital assets from cyber threats. Gain valuable insights into best practices, risk awareness, and secure online behaviors to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Karl Jacobi

Wholesale Sourcing Strategies

Karl has managed massive wholesale businesses that source for Amazon. Learn how to uncover great Wholesale opportunites through an Amazon REPLENS lense. Not a topic for newbies.

Karl Jacobi

The basics of launching a small prep center

The basics of opeing a small prep center to help serve the growing community of sellers who rely on a third party prep solution. Not a topic for newbies

Joseph Kelsey **

Our New Proven Bot Sourcing (Intro Video)

Our recently launched course will be the spotlight in this popular session. Join coach Joseph as we unpack an exciting strategy for turning any retail website into an easily searchable list of smoking hot replens!  ** THIS SESSION WILL BE OFFERED MORE THAN ONCE to help you plan your schedule.

Samuel Krushnisky

Sponsor - AI Revolution: Reinvent the Way You Reprice (Intro Video)

In the fiercely competitive world of e-commerce, BQool's AI-driven repricing has emerged as a game-changer for sellers aiming to maximize their sales and profits on Amazon. Learn actionable repricing tips and settings derived from industry best practices, leveraging insights from thousands of customers and our team of repricing experts.


Abe McMahan

Tips, Tricks and Training for rapid growth on Amazon and Walmart (Intro Video)

This session will be interactive and heavily geared towards audience participation. It's both for the new and experienced sellers on Amazon and Walmart. Don't hesitate to bring questions about your business. Topics include ungating, beating the competition, sourcing techniques, hiring employees or VAs, maximizing profits, and much more.

Leigha Modlin

Scaling OA with Tools and VA's (Intro Video)

Leigha runs a virtually hands-free OA (online arbitrage) REPLENS business with 2 VAs responsible for nearly all aspects of the operation. Learn how she scaled and now manages her seven figure business.

Michael Morejon

Learn to be a pro at sourcing amazon inventory at outlet stores for great flips and replens (Intro Video)

In this newbie friendly session you'll learn to be a pro at sourcing amazon inventory at outlet stores for great flips and replens

Brian & Robin Olson

A path to 100 ASINs with the REPLENS model (Intro Video)

Whether you're just starting out or are currently building your replens list, this session explores a fundamental and systematic approach to identifying test-worthy ASINs, managing the testing process and building a list of 100 replenishable ASINs.

Brian & Robin Olson

The Basics of Retail Arbitrage (Intro Video)

An overview of Retail based sourcing for the REPLENS model. Are you ignoring a fully automatable local gold mine of Amazon inventory?

Larry & Sue Pruett

10 Rules to Succeed in Business with Your Spouse (Intro Video)

Larry and Sue Pruett will share the wins and challenges in being married to your business partner. What's their Number One Rule to thrive in business AND marriage? You'll have to come to find out!

Jeff Schick

Sponsor - Jeff's Top 10 Cases for 2023 - and How Our Team Helped Sellers Through Them

So far in 2023, Jeff's team has helped sellers navigate hundreds of cases with Amazon. From IP Claims to Account Suspensions, Jeff and his team have helped their clients with a variety of unique cases. In this presentation, Jeff will share the Top 10 most interesting cases, as well as the key takeaways from each case.

Jeff Schick Legal

Jimmy Smith

Using your Amazon Business Cash Flow for Building Multiple Streams of Income (Intro Video)

This talk is all about how you can take the money you make from your Amazon business and use it to grow your wealth even more. You'll learn how to use your profits, put your money back into your business in the right way, and use different strategies to make more money from your Amazon business over time by building multiple streams of income.

Ammi Stover

Journey to your first $100K month on Amazon (Intro Video)

Join coach Ammi Stover as she shares her Amazon journey. The lessons learned, the challenges faced, the plateaus overcome, and the mindset shifts necessary to go from $0 to a $100K /month Amazon business.

Jonathan Stover

Keywords: What they are, and why they are so important (Intro Video)

In this intermediate skill session, we will discuss the importance of keywords and their crucial role in constructing effective Amazon listings. We will also touch on the Helium 10 tools X-Ray and Cerebro for identifying relevant keywords for your product, and the Amazon Browse Tree Guide for its importance in product discoverability in search results and keyword indexing.

Ty Talbot

Sponsor - Funding and Financial Management Success for your Business

In this session, Ty will be breaking down the tools, resources, and guidance you need to navigate your financial journey with confidence.

Taylor Thomas

Discount Stacking: How To Use Discounted Gift Cards & Rewards Credit Cards To Instantly Boost Your Profit Margins (Intro Video)

Every percentage point counts in an arbitrage business. Discounted gift cards and rewards credit cards both provide a guaranteed way to instantly increase your margins. Here you'll learn how to stack both of them together to maximize your savings, and make an extra $1,000 or more in monthly profit.

Matt Thompson **

Is Coaching Right for me? (Intro Video)

Would you like to work with a PROVEN coach/mentor who has met our industry leading high standards? All the coaches on our team have built a beautiful business using the strategies we teach. They also have a teacher's heart and LOVE seeing others succeed! Come get all your questions answered and hear more about the coaching team that's been serving e-commerce warriors like you for nearly 20 years! ** THIS SESSION WILL BE OFFERED MORE THAN ONCE to help you plan your schedule.

Delia Ursulescu

Side Hustles to help fund your Amazon Business (Intro Video)

Flipping books fast in bulk, finding free products locally that you can sell, Pay-what-you-want consulting, help local business get on Amazon, Social media profits and more topics will be discussed in this newbie friendly session.

Delia Ursulescu

Print On Demand for Amazon (Intro Video)

You’ve likely heard of “Print On Demand”, but it’s not just something you do with BOOKS! You can also test out unique products for your customers on Amazon without having to buy a lot of inventory up front. Build bundles or sell your POD items by themselves. Intermediate skill sessions introduces that concepts from our soon to launch course.

Greg Webb **

The ultimate buy/hold product for Amazon (Intro Video)

In anticipation of the launch of our brand new course, come meet Gregg Webb - the course creator. He’s been scaling and buying, holding and then selling easily sourced Legos for a long time at amazing profits. He's shown his amazing system to other sellers who are also seeing similar results! Why is this such a steady, scalable model with compounding, steady profits? Come find out! ** THIS SESSION WILL BE OFFERED MORE THAN ONCE to help you plan your schedule.

Blake Whilden

Sponsor (Intro Video)

Blue Ridge Prep


After Hours Trivia

This was a hit last year. Come have fun answering questions about the history of our community, Amazon, ecommerce and more - for prizes!

Brian and Robin Joy Olson, Ammi Stover and Larry Pruett

Amazon After Hours "Ask me Anything" Panel

On Thursday July 6th after a long day of great sessions, you can keep the learning going... join us for an "ask me anything" Q/A panel in the main conference room. Session runs from 8-9PM

Newbie Panel

This will be an open Q/A session for new Amazon sellers or those who are new to our community. We'd love a chance to discuss the different business models we teach in our community and in the course, introduce you to the REPLENS model (which is where we start 99% of our new students) and answer any questions you have as well.

Jimmy Smith and Jim Cockrum

VIP Mastermind Meetup

The last session of Day Two (3:30PM on Friday the 7th) will be a chance for all paid VIP attendees to meet their assigned mastermind group! Be sure to fill out the VIP survey ASAP to take full advantage of this incredible "VIPONLY" opportunity! If you are VIP and don't yet have the VIP survey please contact [email protected] ASAP!

Nathan Bailey

A journey through the primary courses included in the Proven Amazon Course: Fom Newbie to Advanced

In this newbie friendly session join event co-host and 20 year JimCockrumCoaching director Nathan Bailey for a walkthrough of the foundational business models taught by our team and included in the course - the standard of Amazon seller training for over 12 years!