Daniel Lapin

Keynote Speaker:

Zach Altmyer

Huge Margins in Closeout REPLENS

Nathan Bailey

Building Multiple Income Streams

Nathan has been with our community for over 2 decades helping successfully manage and grow the longest running ecommerce coachiing company in the world. Learn his perspective on the multiple income stream opportunities that are available to all of us. Stop by the coaching booth to discuss how our team can help you meet your online business goals.

Cris Beam

Tips and Tricks for Amazon REPLENS success for newer sellers

Insights and strategies from a long-time leader, coach and successful REPLENS seller. Learn sourcing strategies and unique insights based on Cris's years of experience.

Jonathan Bricker,  Abe Ortolani , & Jonathan Stover

Get paid for your Amazon knowledge 

Amazon sellers with even minimal experience have an easily accessed and hihgly lucrative opportunity available to them. Countless brands need help navigating the Amazon landscape! You can even get paid just referring brands to us for assistance! Learn more about PPP (proven product partnering) is this exciting break out session. 

Mike Brown

Lessons learned growing a household name brand as a student of this community

Mike Brown launched Death Wish Coffee out of his small struggling coffee shop several years ago. Thanks to the application of creative ecommerce strategies and the help of this community, his coffee is now in tens of thousands of stores around the US and still doing very well on Amazon as well. At one point it was a top 10 best selling food item on Amazon! Come learn lessons and insights from this long time member of our business building warrior family.

Eric Bussey

From yard sales to Amazon REPLENS to an 8 figure multiple income stream portfolio

Hear the story of Eric’s multiple income stream journey based on various ProvenAmazonCourse.com strategies. He is also doing extremely well with his small retail presence (his module on this topic will be coming soon to our community!)

JR Cagle

Gal Cheft

Nepeto sourcing software for resellers - fast and easy sourcing strategies 

Sponsor Session: Nepeto's showcase and explanation. Get our community special offer at SilentJim.com/OAleads

Andrea Cockrum

Real Life with an Entrepreneur- non ticketed spouses welcome! 

No registration required. NO LIVESTREAM NOT RECORDED only available for those who come in person

Jim Cockrum

Judy Cockrum, Tye Cockrum, Ruben Rojas

Inventory Management Panel

Jim Cockrum's warehouse team consists of some truly great friends and family. They sell on Amazon (both FBM and FBA), Walmart, eBay, Etsy and Facebook marketplace - as well as walk in retail traffic!! They are always experimenting with the strategies taught in our content and courses, and they are here to help answer any questions you have about setting up a great multiple-income stream system in your warehouse.

Trey Cockrum

My Journey to Seven Figures in Sales as an Online Coach

Trey Cockrum is Jim's son. He's learned many valuable lessons over the years about the power and potential of ecommerce and alternative education models online. He's helped 100s of clients launch successful coaching businesses based on the models he's seen work so well at JimCockrumCoaching.com for most of his life as well as his unique paid ads strategies that have propelled both his business and the businesses of his clients to incredible heights.

Leanna Crocco

Harnessing the strength of branded bundles on Amazon 

Sellers who grasp the basics of Amazon selling recognize the tremendous value of Asins that belong exclusively to them. We love Branded Bundles as a great low risk, low barrier entry option to establish these types of asins without the risks of traditional private label models. This session will discuss the incredible potential and strategies behind Branded Bundles as taught in the “Proven Branded Bundles” course.

Khang Dang

$3million hands free REPLENS - The System

Learn about "The System" that has allowed Khang to thrive with a multii-seven figure online arbitrage REPLENS business virtually hands free.

Jessica Decker

The basics of online sourcing for REPLENS from seven figure sellers - A panel discussion

Our panel will cover the basics of online arbitrage (OA), some of the tools and strategies you can use to find winning ASINs as well as cover some of the mistakes you can avoid along the way. Great session for new sellers with plenty of Q/A!

Grant Douglas

Starting, Scaling, and Running a 7-figure Online Arbitrage Replens Business

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the day to day operations of running a yearly 7-figure online arbitrage business using the Replens method as taught in the ProvenAmazonCourse. Relevant for new sellers trying to start their business, or seasoned OA sellers looking to better organize and scale their current business.

Ashlin Hadden

Beyond the Buy Button: Protecting Your Online Kingdom

A deep dive into the secrets of safeguarding your online empire. From ninja-level protection strategies to battle-tested defense tactics, this session is your ticket to digital domination! Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying and hello to peace of mind and prosperity.

Ted Harton

Ramping up fast with REPLENS starting with no previous experience

How I went from a 7k month to a 100k month in 1 year. The journey of a Full-Time Firefighter OA replen seller with an emphasis on fast moving products. We'll discuss lessons learned, solutions to bottlenecks, tips and tricks.

Karl Jacobi

Lessons learned selling millions in REPLENS wholesale on Amazon

As an experienced leader in our community, Karl brings the wisdom of having grown a beautiful business from the ground up and then exited for a handsome figure. There are few more qualified to teach us the realities and opportunities of the wholesale model on Amazon and beyond.

Joseph Kelsey

Our New Proven Bot Sourcing 

Our ProvenBotSourcing.com course will be the spotlight in this popular session. Join coach Joseph as we unpack an exciting strategy for turning any retail website into an easily searchable list of smoking hot replens!  

Andrew Lanciani & Jim Ed Wright

Discover How to Make Life Changing Money By Simply Shooting Product Videos

You don't have to be influential to record yourself or others talking about Amazon products. That's the only skill you'll need to get paid up to thousands monthly by Amazon. Meet the minds behind the ProvenAZinfluencer.com program

Leo Kanell

Cashflow Secrets -The Future of Financial Management

A sessions with hands-on instruction designed to help you understand, manage and forecast the cash flow of your income streams. 

Samuel Krushnisky

Top AI Repricing Strategies for Arbitrage and Wholesale

Join our session to explore effective repricing strategies for arbitrage and wholesale, used by successful Amazon sellers, featuring live training on scenarios you face daily.  


John Bop Larson

Abe McMahan

Tips and tricks to get to $1M in sales between Walmart and Amazon

As an experienced coach and long time succesful student of the ProvenAmazonCourse.com , Abe will dive into his unique system of building his team and diversifying his income streams in order to generate incredible results

Michael Morejon

Allison Morgan & Erin Cruz

The Basics of Selling on Walmart

If you are new to Walmart, but curious what all the buzz is about, this session is for you. The discussion will center around getting approved for Walmart selling and getting started on a successful journey on the second most popular shopping destination online in the US.

Oscar Mutombo

Aiming for $6million in 2024 with Proven Amazon Course strategies

Oscar is a coaching student with JimCockrumCoaching.com who now has 5 years experience on Amazon. He has a 5,000 SF warehouse with 6 employees and he'll share how he's on target to hit 6 Million in revenue in 2024 "God willing". Get ready to be inspired and encouraged!

Scott Needham

Data Science for Smart Sourcing: A Guide to Profitable Amazon Opportunities

 See the special offer SmartScout has for our community at SilentJim.com/ss

Trevor Neil

Brian & Robin Olson

A Path to 100 ASINs

A Path to 100 ASINs - We will basically apply the webinar format to this speech. We will address the desire to have 100+ ASINs, reveal how the 3-step check makes that process easy and then address some common objections and how they are overcome. We won't sell anything at the end like the traditional webinar but will mention the next workshop we're doing in late summer. There's a lot of great Keepa content and other tactical things in this session but we envision not having any slides.

Abe Ortolani

Larry & Sue Pruett

Things we have learned in 10 Q4's

Retail shopping online spikes dramatically each year from Oct-Dec (aka Q4). In this session you'll learn top strategies that will help you get ready now for these end-of-year spikes in activity!

Jordan Schanzer


Unlocking Success through Multichannel Selling Strategies- Is Selling on Walmart worth it?

Jeff Schick

Know where the guardrails are with the most common Amazon and Walmart policy and legal issues!

Amazon and Walmart compliance issues to be aware of. Ignorance of the rules is never an excuse!

Jeff Schick Legal

Debbi Shadlock

Crossing the Border with Amazon

Finding products that can go accross the border can open up abundant new opportunities for experienced sellers. This session will be most useful for either U.S. or Canadian based sellers.

Jimmy Smith

Create a base of 5,000 arbitrage leads in a year

In this discussion, Jimmy Smith will be showing you how to maximize your sourcing time to not only find profitable ASINs but to create a treasure trove of products that you can go back to time and time again! If you’ve spent hours sourcing to only find products that don’t hit your desired margins, don’t let all that work go to waste! Create a process that allows you to build 5,000+ leads that grows larger every year so you never run out of profitable deals.

Ammi Stover

Ty Talbot

Fund Your Why -Understanding the power of capital

Capital can be a very powerful tool for your business, but choosing the right capital means everything

Taylor Thomas

How To Add $10,000 Of Extra Profit In a Year With Credit Cards"

Join us for a dynamic session where we debunk credit score myths and reveal high-level strategies tailored for Amazon sellers. Learn how to leverage 9 specific credit cards to generate an extra $10,000 in profit annually through rewards and cashback. 

Maximize the use of gift cards and credit cards as an Amazon seller. See the special offer from Arbitrage cards here: SilentJim.com/giftcards

Matt Thompson

Should I have a coach?

Spend time in a small group in this LIVE, unrecorded session where we address all the common questions about what it's like to work with a coach on our team. Matt is the co-director of our coaching program and manages the day to day operation of that program with over a decade of ecommerce coaching experience himself! 

Delia Ursulescu

The key relationships that virtually guarantee E-commerce and Amazon Success

How I ignited my Amazon business in 100 days by reaching out strategically to just three people each week.

Greg Webb

Buy and hold strategies for toys

Legos and other toys offer some of the best ROI you can find on Amazon! Greg has sold millions and taught others how to strategically "buy and hold" toys as well! ProvenBrickInvesting.com is his course that will soon be added to the ProvenAmazonCourse.com library. 

Prep Centers Panel #1

Using a Prep Center to manage your inventory hands free

In this panel discussion join some of the trusted prep centers from our PrepCenterNetwork.com group who will be discussing the advantages and realities of using a prep center to manage your inventory for you.

Prep Centers Panel #2

Using a Prep Center to manage your inventory hands free

In this panel discussion join some of the trusted prep centers from our PrepCenterNetwork.com group who will be discussing the advantages and realities of using a prep center to manage your inventory for you.