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Business Building Warriors  from all over the world Gathered Online Oct 21-23 for The Virtual Proven Conference!  Now is your Opportunity to Get Access to all the great information shared!

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  1. Keynote: Multiply the Money by Modifying the Metrics That Matter - Rabbi Daniel Lapin 
  2. The eCom Pyramid & Business Growth Levers - Nathan Bailey
  3. The Replens Model - Jimmy Smith
  4. Expert KEEPA - Kate Chattic & Honey Woods
  5. Proven eBay - Jeffrey Clark & Danni Ackerman
  6. Funnel Marketing - Trey Cockrum
  7. Building a Hustle Mindset - Oscar Mutombo
  8. Pinterest / Wholesale - Teresa Rose
  9. The Blessings & Pitfalls of an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle - Andrea Cockrum
  10. RA/OA Wholesale - JR Cagle
  11. Amazon Account Health - Scott Margolius
  12. Q&A - Panel of Experts


  1. Keepa Q&A Workshop - Kate Chattic and Honey Wood
  2. Bringing Workers Home - Getting Rid of the J.O.B. and Working for Yourself - Larry & Sue Pruett
  3. Selling on Amazon From Outside North America - Debi Zylbermann
  4. When to Outsource to a Prep Company - Judy Cockrum
  5. Overcoming Entrepreneurial Fear & Overwhelm - Valerie Pugsley
  6. Discounts, Couponing, etc For Sourcing - Allison Morgan
  7. Pinterest and Wholesale Q&A - Teresa Rose
  8. Coaching Panel: Proven Results
  9. Avoid Overwhelm & Organize Your Amazon Business Once and For All - Patti Massullo
  10. Hang Out With Jenni Hunt
  11. Expanding Your Business Internationally - Ammi Stover & Jameson Martin
  12. Selling on Walmart - Ryan Robinson
  13. UK Meetup with Neil Stevens
  14. Asset Protection & Tax Strategy for Amazon - Greg Christiansen
  15. ASK US ANYTHING about eBay - Jeffrey Clark & Danni Ackerman
  16. Building Your Income Streams Blueprint - Jenni Hunt & Ryan Reger
  17. Amazon Product Launches With Facebook and ManyChat - Abe Hanoa Ortolani

What You Can Expect

  • Focus on multiple income streams to grow and level up your business
  • No Pitch-Fest zone! This is actionable content.
  • Training and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know
  • Learn directly from the creative content experts behind the best selling, and most acclaimed Amazon selling course in the world - the 
  • Emphasis on Amazon selling strategies
  • 96% previous attendees say they intend to return

The Proven Conference is about YOUR Success!

The following are just some of the comments made on the Private Facebook page during the Virtual Conference sessions!

Wow! that was JAM PACKED with content... be sure to catch the replay ???? - Jonathan B.

????My head is swimming with all this great content!! - Barbara R.

The people and community made this conference work - an AWESOME virtual conference. This exceeded my expectations. I've been to a lot of virtual conferences this year and this has been by far the best - Sarah H.

I gained so much from the entire conference, but Teresa Rose and Nathan Bailey opened my eyes to new possibilities. We are getting deep into Q4 now, so no action will be taken on their ideas until I get through that, but I will be attempting to reach out to them and solicit their help in the New Year. - Susan B.

YASSSS Oscar Mutombo! You are awesome! This is refreshing. - Alicia C.

Thank you all so much! Very valuable conference!! Well done. - Andy L.

You are dropping some incredible Jewels!!! Sooooo motivating!! - Barbara R.

Thanks Trey Cockrum. Very interesting talk. I am starting to do something similar but a bit behind you. Great to hear your success. Would be good to learn more form you. - Quetin H.

It was fabulous! High level stuff! - Cher NB

this community changes my life !!!! - Alvaro M.

I'm so glad I joined in! This was a great way to meet people from all over the world who have the same goals. I can't wait for the next conference! - Teena T.

Really enjoyed the conference. I am so glad you put it on this year. It proves we can overcome everything. - Pat C.

Absolutely loving this content from Teresa Rose!!! - Billy F.

Wow 'Bring your family along' mindset is a powerful message and I embraced that! - Alex I.

First conference I have been part of, such a fantastic experience! Learned so much, so many great speakers with SO much knowledge!! This has been a great experience!! THANK YOU!! - Karin L.

The people and community made this conference work - an AWESOME virtual conference. This exceeded my expectations. I've been to a lot of virtual conferences this year and this has been by far the best - Sarah H.

Good info. Was like drinking from a fire hydrant. - Mat B.

This is crazy good info - Jenifer R.

This was one part of the conference I was looking forward to before the “in person” was cancelled. I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of the virtual lobby and meet such wonderful, encouraging people. Thanks Valerie Pugsley and whoever else for setting this up. It was priceless! - Chrissie D.

ProvCon exceeded my expectations in so many ways! Thank you all who had been work hard to put this together for us! ❤️ God bless you all! ???? - Eniko F.

❤️????I'm a coaching student and believe that investing in yourself is the best you can do for yourself - Cesar J.

Thank you so much Rabbi! So good!! - Matt T..

Awesome, there's so much information. This is great ???? - Christopher H.

????That was a stunning presentation, Nathan. WOW. THANK YOU! - Susan B.

I need an Oscar Mutombo wake up call every morning! - Robbie T.

See Comments from Attendees 
of Proven Conferences

(Formerly known as the CES Conferences)

Very moved & touched by CES! Hit me right in the heart! What business conference does that? Simply WOW! Especially that ending. Thank you Jim!

Jonathan M.

I am truly grateful to have been able to watch and learn from such an awesome group of people. You guys are doing it right. I feel blessed to have found you.

Tamara B.

The highlight for me, was the generosity of the attendees. People shared trade secrets, ideas, friendship, food, transportation—but most of all, they shared themselves. I know I have at least one new real FRIEND from CES. Thank you for CES, Jim.

Angel C.

Thanks Jim, Andrea, and entire MST staff for top-notch conference, first class all the way! And the knowledge shared? I'll be sorting through my notes and checking out all the resources, links, and tips for several more weeks. Will need replays and slides when available, because writer's cramp hit and I'm sure I missed more than half of all that presentation goodness. First CES and it's thumbs up!

Greg C.

Not only was the last three days relevant, it was practical and useful. This is an amazing testament to excellent leadership! Well done!!! Thanks everyone who made this possible!

William W.

Giving Jim a much deserved "thank you" accompanied by a handshake face to face did it for me. That and meeting Gary. Those 2 have been solely responsible for the life I've been fortunate enough to enjoy up to now. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards both of those gentlemen.

Alberto D.

I am still in amazement of all the wonderful people I meet this week! It was a true honor talking and sharing ideas with everyone. A huge thank you to Jim and his team for putting this event on! You have created an incredible community where like-minded people can prosper from the synergy of working together. I pray that God would bless each person in their business endeavors. "If i have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Thank you to all the giants in this group for sharing so freely!

Nick W.

People LOVE The Proven Conferences!

See what attendees are saying about the Proven Conference experience
(Formerly known as the CES Conferences)

More Comments from Attendees 
of Proven Conferences

(Formerly known as the CES Conferences)

Thank you to ALL who are part of presenting this workshop! The value I have gotten here is off the charts. My most heartfelt thanks!

Christie H.

Thanks to Jim and his amazing team! Awesome 3 days. Thank you!!

Kathy S.

I thought, "Is this really for real?"... And so I came, not knowing what to expect, but I've been blown away! There's just been so many great ideas about how I can build my business and establish multiple income streams! I am really excited and really thankful that Jim really is the real deal.


As an eCommerce website owner, I'm trying to get onto Amazon, and that's why I'm here... Honestly, between the speakers and the networking and all of the contacts I've collected so far—I've been AMAZED! BLOWN AWAY! I mean, when you read on the internet, the testimonials, but to see it first-hand, in-person has been the most wildest experience.

Sara D.

I'm here at the CES Conference. This is my first time, and I'm meeting a lot of new people, making new connections, taking a lot of notes, and I have a list of action items I'm going to take home and do.

Kim C.

I started with very little money... [In 12 months], I had been doing well enough to finally quit my job, and I thought that was the biggest accomplishment I could possibly make. Then, I found out my very best friend had come down with stage 4 cancer... through everything I've learned from Jim and his team, I've been able to maintain my business while being able to take care of my friend... be there for her every day—something I would not be able to do if I were still working in my little cubicle... like I have for the previous 21 years. 

Bob B.

So many precious moments shared. This was our first CES and we feel so blessed to be a part of this movement. I've been in business for over 30 years and have NEVER experienced anything like it.

Stephanie C.

This is my first CES. It's been a GREAT conference—tons of good energy here, lots of great people! The connections are amazing. It's like the who's who of FBA are out here.

Rob A.

This was, without a doubt, the best money I have invested in myself since I started this journey a year ago! Thanks to EVERYONE involved! Amazing 3 days!

Cristy O.

I'm here at the CES Conference, and I've got to say this has been an AMAZING event, wonderful opportunity for you to network with other entrepreneurs—people that are in your space—which we don't get to do a lot! A lot of times we're in our living room and don't get a chance to talk with other people that know what they're doing and that can really share their expertise. That's why this is such a valuable conference to attend!

Robyn J.

The connections alone made CES worth attending. This is an amazing community! I received so much from so many. I have enough ideas and direction to keep me busy the next year. Thanks everyone!

Mary M.

I think one of my favorite parts of CES has been the relationships that are built. Of course there's lots of great information, but then you're able to interact with real people who are really doing this business and other businesses like it that are successful in their own ways. We're able to interact around those ideas and so there's a lot of synergy that happens there.

Joe K.

Thanks Jim and MST team for another amazing conference. This was true servant leadership in action.

Doug S.

I've never had the privilege of gaining so many fabulous Facebook friends in such a short period of time. Now my news feed is filled mostly with updates from all of you, which seems to have pushed a lot of junk out of the way. I love it!!!

Tom C.

Wow what an amazing first CES experience. Jim you truly have a character about yourself that models integrity. Thank you, your family, and all your team for everything you do!

Emily W.

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