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Others paid up to several thousand dollars in travel, registration and hotel to attend live (and gave RAVING reviews), but you get ALL the content for a fraction of what they paid!

You get 40 unique sessions containing the latest strategies for success on Amazon and in Ecommerce all from the experts who are DOING IT!


Pablo Aguilar

Improving your Amazon Prepping Strategies

Cris Beam

Getting off to a fast start on Amazon

Jonathan Bricker

Build a Business by Helping Brands Manage Their Amazon Presence & Amazon PPC for 2023 (Advanced)

Eric Bussey

Building a retail presence to compliment your Amazon business

Spencer Carlson

Lessons learned going from $0 to $5million per year on Amazon

Adam Chontos

New Amazon Sellers Sourcing Essentials

Judy Cockrum

Inventory Management and Inventory Lab Discussion Panel

Trey Cockrum

  Developing a Seven Figure Mindset

Tye Cockrum

Inventory Management and Inventory Lab Discussion Panel

 Leanna Crocco

Branded Bundles - The latest strategies

Jessica Decker

Online Sourcing for newbies

Grant Douglas

Rapid Scaling as a New Seller

Ashlin Hadden

Building a Business on Biblical Principles.

Jared Hall

Mastering the Financial Maze: Taxes, Accounting, and Bookkeeping for Business Success

Doug Hampshire

Safeguarding Your Digital World: Essential Computer Security for Amazon Sellers

Karl Jacobi

Wholesale Sourcing Strategies &
The basics of launching a small prep center

Joseph Kelsey

Our New Proven Bot Sourcing 

Samuel Krushnisky

AI Revolution: Reinvent the Way You Reprice

Abe McMahan

Tips, Tricks and Training for rapid growth on Amazon and Walmart

Leigha Modlin

Scaling OA with Tools and VA's

Michael Morejon

Learn to be a Pro at Sourcing Amazon Inventory at Outlet Stores for Great Flips

Brian & Robin Olson

A path to 100 ASINs with the REPLENS model & The Basics of Retail Arbitrage

Sue & Larry Pruett

10 Rules to Succeed in Business with Your Spouse.

Ruben Rojas

Inventory Management and Inventory Lab Discussion Panel

Jeff Schick

Sponsor -Top 10 Cases for 2023 - and How Our Team Helped Sellers Through Them

Ammi Stover

Journey to your first $100K month on Amazon

Jonathan Stover

Keywords: What they are, and why they are so important

Ty Talbot

Sponsor - Funding and Financial Management Success for your Business

Taylor Thomas

Discount Stacking: How To Use Discounted Gift Cards & Rewards Credit Cards To Instantly Boost Your Profit Margins

Matt Thompson

Is Coaching Right for me?

Delia Ursulescu

Side Hustles & Print On Demand for Amazon

Greg Webb

The ultimate buy/hold product for Amazon

Blake Whilden

Sponsor - Blue Ridge Prep Services


Jim Cockrum

Andrea Cockrum

Real Life with an Entrepreneur (non ticketed spouses welcome! ) NO LIVESTREAM NOT RECORDED

Jimmy Smith

Using your Amazon Business Cash Flow for Building Multiple Streams of Income

Nathan Bailey

Here's What You Can Expect:

  • We focus on multiple income streams. This isn't just about Amazon (although our Amazon selling content is second to none and will be a topic of special emphasis at this event).
  • This is not a "pitch fest." This is actionable content. There will be no hard sells.
  • Our anonymous post-event surveys have consistently shown that 96% or more of those attending say they intend to return.
  • We love bringing you pure content and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know.
  • Learn directly from the creative content experts behind the best selling, and most acclaimed Amazon selling course in the world - the!

This year featured 40+ sessions and brand new trainings from our
coaching team & top performing students including topics such as:

  • All new, nearly perfect "buy and hold" product that gets amazing returns on Amazon consistently.
  • Using a never before seen BOT strategy to comb through retail websites for winning inventory like clockwork.
  • Using Print on Demand as a low cost, low risk path into predictable private label wins (never taught before).
  • Learn to easily source and sell books in bulk to a single "bulk book buyer group" for fast, predictable payouts!
  • Are you ready to open a physical storefront location to sell excess inventory and closeouts/liquidations? Find out how our top leaders are doing this model with success!
  • We need more prep-centers! Find out what it takes to open and operate a small, profitable prep center with even minimal available space with which to operate!
  • Ramping up your Branded Bundle game with the team that's making it happen for numerous clients.
  • Discussion panels on finding great REPLENS, best practices for scaling, building new income streams besides Amazon.
  • Advanced Keepa sourcing strategies from our top coaches.
  • Advice on when you need a coach, when you need a prep center and when you need a virtual assistant.
  • Best practices and SOPs (standard operating procedures) for all Amazon REPLENS sellers.
  • ... much more of course! Full schedule released as the event gets closer!

So many 'NEVER SEEN BEFORE' PROVEN concepts revealed at this conference!

This event has changed lives in ways that you can't possibly imagine!

Please know this -

We've heard time and time again that the best part of our annual events are the people who you meet in the hallways.  This event was no exception!  While you can't experience those interpersonal relationships through these videos, you will have access to all of the sessions those who attended in person had access to.

There is absolutely no inherent intelligence or special skills that our leaders and successful attendees possess. We all started where you started: with limited resources and having no previous experience selling online.

While we do not teach any get-rich-quick-schemes around here, we do use proven strategies that have been learned and applied by 1000's of successful students all over the world. In our community you'll find people who had more excuses than you have, less experience and knowledge than you - coming from a place of more challenges, fewer resources and more roadblocks who have something you don't have yet - a thriving online business! Being surrounded by these types of people and these types of strategies will change you and propel you to new heights!

Yes, you might experience some failures and challenges, but we are here to help! We want to minimize the time and investment required to put you on your path to success.

Jim cockrum

Jim Cockrum

Host, "Silent Sales Machine Radio" Podcast 

We asked attendees, "What would you say to someone who is thinking of coming next year to Orlando based on your experience this year?"

You will learn, grow, be inspired and form incredible relationships! The livestream is informative of course, but there’s something about being here, feeling the energy in the room, speaking with people in between/after sessions and forming relationships, that you just wont get watching it from home! If you’re serious about building a successful business, find a way to make attending work!

Jenn J.

Stop looking, you will not find another community like this in e-commerce! Don't think about it, just do it! Take action, ask, seek, knock! YOU WILL find. Just one thing you hear can change the entire trajectory of you life! Be there!

Marcus R.

I was only able to livestream it, but that has shown me the value in all of the sessions and a serious prompt not to miss it next year. See y'all in Orlando!

Michael K.

I met so many wonderful people, with inspiring stories, that motivated to do better and go farther in my business. And of course, the presenters are amazing! The Proven Conference will radically change your life! 

Pablo A.

Just do it!  Come to the next conference…
*Positive energy
Are just a few words that come to mind…
You won’t regret it! 

Nancy D.

The content is NOT just for Amazon sellers. It can be applied to many types of business and life. I’ve invited my sister, who may come with us next year. I have another friend in mind that I’ll also invite. Neither are Amazon sellers, but I feel they’d benefit and greatly appreciate the content.

Carly M.

The content of the conference is great…but the relationships are even better.
E-commerce business owners tend to isolate. We live in a box most in this world don’t understand and can’t relate to.
Attending the conference allows you to build relationships with other like minded people that not only can help your business but make your life richer, fuller for knowing them. It’s worth the investment in your business and more importantly the investment in yourself!

Wendy S.

The relationships you have the opportunity to build are priceless.

Samantha S..

Thanks to Jim and his amazing team! Awesome 3 days. Thank you!!

Kathy S.

The information you will receive is invaluable! The relationships that you can form are endless! I work at a university and this was by far the BEST conference I have ever attended. Do not miss it! 

Tammy G.

After hearing how these conferences have changed so many businesses, do you really want to take the chance that you will miss meeting that one person or being involved in that one conversation or creating that one relationship that you would never have the chance for otherwise? I’m not going to take that chance. I’ll be in Orlando.

Robin O.

I’d say you finally get to talk about amazon to everyone around you and you can make extremely valuable relationships to learn and grow from.

I’ve only seen the tip of iceberg of value out of the relationships built over this weekend. It excites me to move forward and keep up with my new friends in the space and provide value when at all possible.

Thanks for putting on a great conference Jim, staff, and sponsors! I’ll definitely look forward to this every year!

Ted H.

Dont do business alone, come meet some people and allow what you learn to change your life!

Ammi S.

The best Amazon conference I’ve ever presented at. Hands down, the content and networking are both incredible.

Jeff Schick

This was our first experience attending a conference and honestly we felt like we were embraced into this community with open arms. We developed relationships with like minded individuals that helped solidify our journey. Although we arrived not knowing anyone, having lots of questions and not sure what this conference would be like. Rest assured we have left this event with new friends, new ideas, inspired and excited to go back next year.

Blanca P.

Just do it! You will not regret one second!

Laurie S.

It’s awesome to be surrounded by like minded people!

Shauna M.

I JUST texted my friend who sat this one out…. I told her: The people we met were so willing to share their strategies and hacks. Content  was very good, challenging and even slightly overwhelming. It pushed me to learn new things. If you are going to be in this business for the long haul network with people who are where you want to be. It’s the Proximity principle.

Dawn M.

I have attended LOTS of conferences. None of them were so much fun. It is the people!!! So welcoming, giving, and fun. I cannot keep up with what day of the week it is because there is so much information being shared that at the end of the first day, it felt like 3 days had gone by. I love it!!!

Dawn M.

It's the "four-minute mile" of e-commerce.

Cassidi S.

This was, without a doubt, the best money I have invested in myself since I started this journey a year ago! Thanks to EVERYONE involved! Amazing 3 days!

Cristy O.

I had high expectations for this event. It exceeded expectations. Can’t wait for Orlando! Already purchased VIP tickets!

Ryan O.

Spending time with these amazing people is worth the expense, time and effort it takes to be at the conference in person. Don’t miss it!

Jessica D.

JUST DO IT and GO. From what you learn you will make up the cost x times over. I had a conversation with a new friend I met last night and from a single tip / conversation it will certainly pay off to cover the trip and plenty more. Facebook groups and resources online are great but do not allow the Q&A opportunities to glean and speed up the learning greatly. One can spend days and hours trying to learn or navigate a new process and learn a single tip in a minute from a training or conversation with someone. Sometimes those conversations or training sessions will reinforce certain methods you are doing providing the confidence to keep doing something which there may have been doubt with but at the same time provide a minor or major tip with will alter your course to do even better. Learning new skills, tips, tricks etc is definitely motivating. Love this group!

Peter Z.

The people you meet in real life. The relationship, the motivation to do better. Not to mention very organized.

Alice D.

I’ve been in this community for many years. On and off doing eBay, when eBay was the “thing” to do. It took me and my wife until this year to come to this event. After coming to it and meeting so many incredible people and finally meeting Jim after all these years, we are so glad we made the decision. We wish we came a lot sooner. We already bought our tickets for next years event! My wife and I are already looking forward to it. So grateful for everything this community does for so many people. We love the abundance mindset!

Nick T.

It was 100% worth it! Saying that it will fast forward your knowledge of the business by 8-9 months is a very conservative figure. There are gems I picked up that there is no way I would’ve figured out on my own. Already signed up for Orlando too. Can’t wait!

Randy N.

ESPECIALLY vital if you are doing business on your own without the understanding or support of family or friends. You walk in alone but you are soon surrounded by a supportive tribe, eager to share and learn from each other. Helpful tip for first timers: Come to registration the evening before conference. Relaxed atmosphere and so inviting to easily step into conversations and say hi. Everyone from newbie to advanced will welcome you. 

Barb K.

This was my first but definitely not my last. I am known to talk a little too much at times but this one is easy. Here is what I would say - Come for the knowledge. Enjoy and take-in the content. Experience the warmth and positivity this whole group gives. Leave with a bunch of new friends and fellow teammates.

Joe S.

Video Replays


  • 3 days of content-packed presentations by leaders and successful community members
  • Online access to professionally recorded video of the conference sessions
  • Over 40 Livestream sessions will be included. The most we've ever had!

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