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In December 2021 we had an amazing event that helped us all be prepared for the incredible opportunities that are coming at us in the new year!

If you missed the event, here's your chance to get instant FULL ACCESS to ALL the recorded sessions at the lowest possible price.  Plus you get instant, full BONUS access to all of the videos from our in person July 2021 Proven Conference!

You may have missed our "Getting ready for Ecommerce opportunity in 2022" Virtual Conference in December, but you can still get all the captured training sessions.

If you are an internet business building warrior, it's time to be thinking about the "Opportunity Landscape" of 2022.

Wouldn't it be great to hang out with other serious, ethical, successful and EXPERIENCED Ecommerce warriors?

Do you want the confidence that comes from knowing how to tackle the new year and new opportunities with confidence and creativity?

We are all facing the reality of rapid change and challenge right now. With the proper motivation and training however, OPPOSITION always leads to OPPORTUNITY!

Arm yourself with motivation and specific, proven strategies by spending time with a team of trusted ecommerce leaders who will be discussing Amazon, eBay, Leadership, Mindset and Multiple-Income-Streams.


  • What's going to work best in 2022?
  • What are our most successful students doing right now?
  • What are the challenges you can expect in the coming year?
  • Where can I find like minded e-commerce Business Building Warriors to work with for encouragement and community?


Jim Cockrum

Opening Remarks: Interview with Daniel Lapin

Daniel Lapin

Growing Your Business During Times of Challenge

Nathan Bailey

Building Bundles that are Brand Protected

Ryan Reger

Outsourcing: Why and How to work with VAs

Matt Thompson

Is It Time to Get a Coach?

Danni Ackerman

New Ways to Sell Outside of Amazon and Ebay

Jimmy Smith

2022 Replens State of the Union

Jenni Hunt

Repurpose What You Know Into Income

Diana Ratliff

Using Google News to SuperCharge Product Sales

Jeff Clark

The Simplest Business Model

Delia Ursulescu & Abe McMahan

The 3 Pillars of A Successful Amazon Business

Oscar Mutombo

Uplifting Words and Tips for Amazon Sellers

Roger Morton

Speaking Success

Brian Olson

Advanced Sourcing Using Keepa

Leanna Crocco

Easy Steps to Getting Ungated & Understanding the Process

Patti Massullo

Leadership as it Relates to eCommerce

Ammi Stover

When Walking Isn't Working

John Bop Larson

Navigating the Amazon River: Tips to make life easier

Neil Stevens

Breakout after hours: "5 Actions to Kick Your Business into 2022"

Trey Cockrum

Teach What You Know for Massive Results

Rich Potter

Wholesale Strategies That Scale to Seven Figures Fast

... and more!


You Get Instant, Full Access to 30 Professionally Captured Videos from our best ever LIVE EVENT that took place in July 2021

  • Jim Cockrum: Opening Session
  • Nathan Bailey: Replens that Competitors Can't Touch
  • Karl Jacobi: Scret Ingredient to Success
  • Jeff Clark & Danni Ackerman: Are you Ignoring eBay as an Income Stream?
  • Oscar Motumbo: How to Sell $1MM Per Year
  • Scott Margolius: Amazon Account Health Best Practices
  • Larry & Sue Pruett: How to Be a Successful Seller
  • Josh Rojas: Building a Replen Team That All Works From Home
  • Jim Cockrum & Panel: I'm New Around Here, Let's Chat! Informal Chat with Those New to Our Community
  • Abe McMahan: Growing a Virtual Shopping Team
  • Delia Ursulescu: Case Study of Success with PPP & Private Label
  • Replens Power Panel: Jimmy Smith, Abe McMahan, & Karl Jakobi
  • Adam & Emily Bruso: Walmart 101
  • Allison Morgan: Replens to Riches Leveraging Coupons for Your Ecom Business
  • Trey Cockrum: My Million Dollar Biz at 21 That Has Nothing to do with Amazon
  • Jimmy Smith: Outsourcing and Scaling
  • Matt Thomason & Nathan Bailey: Do I need a Coach?
  • Jonathan Bricker: Using Bots to Launch Brands and Drive Traffic
  • JR Cagle: RA, OA, Wholesale and Know Your Numbers
  • Nathan Bailey: Climbing the Amazon Ecom Ladder
  • Ashlin Hadden: Proper Insurance for Ecommerce
  • Nathan Bailey: Turn Amazon Skills into Streams of PPP Income
  • Rich Potter: From Replens to Wholesale
  • Jimmy Smith: Replens Discussion
  • Nicholas Gomez: Digitize to Monetize - Selling Printables
  • Rich Potter: Come to Our Warehouse and See a Replens Biz from the Ground Up
  • Jenni Hunt: Adding KDP to Your Biz
  • Jenni Hunt: The Why and How of Multiple Income Streams
  • Valerie Pugsley: Navigating Entrepreneurial Fear and Overwhelm
  • Jim Cockrum: Closing Session
  • Sneak peak at the Walmart 101 session
    with Adam & Emily Bruso

    Jim Introducing TD Dempsey, owner of Saddlebrook Resort
    and fellow Business Building Warrior

    See Comments from Attendees 
    of THIS Year's Conference!

    What an awesome group and event! This was my husband Brad JS and my first Proven Conference and it didn’t disappoint! We’re still newbies and it was a a lot of info! Looking forward to next year to see the change and how far we’ve come! Thanks to everyone who offered advice, and especially to the new friends we made. The Aussie and I will be seeing you next year. The goal- to be onstage presenting within the next few years!!

    Valley S.

    With the great advice we received from so many at the conference, we came home and got straight to work doing the things we had been putting off. We have already started revamping our Prep and ship area (garage) to be more efficient like what Jimmy Smith recommended, are getting our finances in order and just posted an ad on FB to hire employees. We are off to the races, and this is just the start!

    Tracy L.

    It was so great meeting all of y’all there. I really appreciated the encouragement that Jim Cockrum gave to share info and help each other. I was so blessed by my total stranger (but no more) roomie Ella F. and of course my mentor/coaches Lori Chew and Jarrett Chew for introducing me to this to begin with.

    Jennifer A.

    I’ve got seven hours of waiting till my flight leaves. So guess who’s gonna try to stay awake and listen to podcasts??? Thank you to everyone who made my first conference such a memorable one. Wished I could rewind this last week.

    Renee P.

    Wow, what an incredible three days! We are so blessed to be a part of this motivating, loving and goal-crushing community.
    To anyone who attended virtually this year, we HIGHLY recommend coming next year in person. The connections you establish at this conference can make a huge impact on your business and personal growth. We are so thankful to be a part of this amazing family.

    Kelsey K.

    I finally have a few minutes to start my to do list. First on mine is check in with my new friends I met and the new business opportunities discussed. #readytorockit. Thanks for a great conference MST team.

    Leanna C.

    AMAZED!! It’s first time since we came in US that I felt included, cared for… and people didn’t ask me every second “where are you from?” I’ve met friends (from Facebook) that I didn’t see before. I met new people, I talked with many of you, and YES I asked questions. Still have millions of them. I’ve learned so much, I’m ready to implement new strategies. Looking forward to connect, learn, teach others (as much as I can) and be part of this journey!

    Carmen L.

    It was an amazing conference! My group left more pumped up then ever!!

    Caryn B.

    Going over notes from conference. I was lucky enough to have a short conversation with Jim Cockrum re my business and now have a plan to get my business to the next level. I made a list of all the people I’ve met over last few days and what I learned from each one of them-it’s quite a lot! Thanks to all that made this conference possible.  SEE ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE NEXT YEAR!

    Chrissy B.

    Abe and I had the best time at the conference! Met so many wonderful people and the coaches / speakers were amazing - thank you to everyone that helped put this together. This was our first conference, but we are definitely coming back again next year.

    Bambi J.

    Finally able to stop and ponder on the things of this week. I joked with a dear friend on Friday and said I feel like a “Proven zombie” as I was so overwhelmed with all the information I received. How blessed we are to be a part of this community. We were overwhelmed by the love and generosity of literally every person we came in contact with. This speaks volumes of the leadership as they were shining examples. Thank you. We look forward to many more times of fellowship in the future. You are appreciated ???? 

    Chrissie D.

    Going through my notes from last week, I found this: “Consistency and time are the only way to build trust.” - Trey Cockrum When we apply that principle in our lives, it’s going to reflect in our business. We are grateful for all that we learned last week and for the people we were able to connect with.

    Eunice C.

    We just arrived home from the Proven Conference. We had an amazing time. On the long car ride back to Ohio we thoroughly enjoyed listening to podcasts and discussing everything that we learned from our new friends. As we were pulling into our driveway we crossed the 4K in sales mark. Only going up from here. Thank you everyone in the community for all of your help so far.

    Andrea B.

    Wow. What a blast! Thank you Proven Team for providing such an awesome vehicle for great content and RELATIONSHIPS. Build on, business building warriors!

    Jonathan B.

    A big shout out to Jim Cockrum and leadership team on a such an Awesome Proven Conference! My wife and team thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the content! It was great meeting fellow BBW and establishing friendships. I plan on taking action immediately on my business to reach the next level and attack those jumping squats Abe McMahan to step up my game.

    Adam C.

    Firstly I'd like to say a massive thank you to Jim Cockrum and the team for hosting a fantastic event, we learnt a lot and made many new friends. It really gave us a boost and inspiration of what we want to do.

    Al C.

    So thankful to have been a part of The Proven Conference 2021. Coming home with new ideas, new friends and with renewed energy to take my ecommerce business to a new level. Can't wait to see y'all again next year!

    Geri S.

    Can not expess it enough!!! AMAZING conference!! The long lasting relationships that will come from this conference can not measure. Thank you SO MUCH for all the new friends I made at Proven. All the kindness in sharing dinners, time, and prayers!!

    Nicholas G.

    I had a marvelous time at the conference. Met and talked to many people, all good people. My husband has been converted to Amazon! And so does my daughter!!! She made great friends!! Did I say I am still waiting for account verification? Lol. But all the above is a good start!!  Thank you ALL for welcoming us into this group!

    Rina P.

    Thanks for all the classes at Proven and the new lifelong friendship at Proven.It was really worth the trip and time. Good connections made.

    Akinjagunla F.

    Crossing some milestones the day after PROVEN!! Just 6 days short of our one year Mark since our first AZ sale. Leaving the conference with a ton of new strategies, ideas, and business opportunities in mind. The next 12 months will blow the past year out of the park.

    Thaddeus F.

    ONLY $297

    • 20 Videos from the December 2021 Event
    • BONUS: 30 Videos from the July 2021 Event

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