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May 23-25, 2024
Thursday - Saturday


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  • You'll be in a community with the "who's who" of our larger group. The people attending this event are serious business building warriors. Take advantage of the connections you'll make in this private group before, during and after the event!!


Rabbi Daniel Lapin


Cris Beam

Tips and Tricks for Amazon REPLENS success for newer sellers

Jonathan Bricker

Get paid for your Amazon knowledge

Mike Brown

Death Wish Coffee
Lessons learned growing a household name brand as a student of this community

Eric Bussey

From yard sales to Amazon REPLENS to an 8 figure multiple income stream portfolio

JR Cagle

Gal Cheft

Nepeto sourcing software for resellers - fast and easy sourcing strategies 

Judy Cockrum

Inventory Management Panel

Trey Cockrum

My Journey to Seven Figures in Sales as an Online Coach

Tye Cockrum

Inventory Management Panel

 Leanna Crocco

Harnessing the strength of branded bundles on Amazon

Erin Cruz

The Basics of Selling on Walmart 

Khang Dang

$3million hands free REPLENS - The System

Jessica Decker

The basics of online sourcing for REPLENS from seven figure sellers - A panel discussion

Grant Douglas

Starting, Scaling, and Running a 7-figure Online Arbitrage Replens Business

Ashlin Hadden

Beyond the Buy Button: Protecting Your Online Kingdom

Ted Harton

Ramping up fast with REPLENS starting with no previous experience

Karl Jacobi

Lessons learned selling millions in REPLENS wholesale on Amazon

Leo Kanell

Cashflow Secrets -The Future of Financial Management

Joseph Kelsey

Proven Bot Sourcing

Tori Knudsen

The basics of online sourcing for REPLENS from seven figure sellers - A panel discussion

Andrew Lanciani

Discover How to Make Life Changing Money By Simply Shooting Product Videos

John Bop Larson

Abe McMahan

Tips and tricks to get to $1M in sales between Walmart and Amazon

Michael Morejon

Allison Morgan

The Basics of Selling on Walmart

Oscar Mutombo

Aiming for $6million in 2024 with Proven Amazon Course strategies

Scott Needham

Data Science for Smart Sourcing: A Guide to Profitable Amazon Opportunities

Trevor Neil

Abe Ortolani

Brian & Robin Joy Olson

A path to 100 ASINs

Sue & Larry Pruett

Things we have learned in 10 Q4's

Ruben Rojas

Inventory Management Panel

Debbie Shadlock

Crossing the Border with Amazon

Jeff Schick

Know where the guardrails are with the most common Amazon and Walmart policy and legal issues!

Jordan Schanzer


Ammi Stover

Mike Strahl

Discover How to Make Life Changing Money By Simply Shooting Product Videos

Ty Talbot

Fund Your Why -Understanding the power of Capital

Taylor Thomas

Matt Thompson

Should I have a coach?

Delia Ursulescu

The key relationships that virtually guarantee E-commerce and Amazon Success

Greg Webb

Buy and hold strategies for toys 


Jim Cockrum

Andrea Cockrum

Real Life with an Entrepreneur- Non ticketed spouses welcome! 

Jimmy Smith

Create a base of 5,000 arbitrage leads in a year

Nathan Bailey

Building Multiple Income Streams

Here's What You Can Expect as a Live Attendee or a Livestream Participant:

  • We focus on multiple income streams. This isn't just about Amazon (although our Amazon selling content is second to none and will be a topic of special emphasis at this event).
  • This is not a "pitch fest." This is actionable content. There will be no hard sells.
  • Our anonymous post-event surveys have consistently shown that 96% or more of those attending say they intend to return.
  • We love bringing you pure content and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know.
  • Learn directly from the creative content experts behind the best selling, and most acclaimed Amazon selling course in the world - the ProvenAmazonCourse.com!

Over 40 break out sessions will be held over three days on these and other topics. The most successful coaches on our team and our highest performing students will be presenting


  • Newbie friendly sessions to get you ramped up fast if you're a new Amazon seller
  • Latest strategies for finding profitable Amazon inventory for online & retail sourcing
  • The comprehensive system behind a fully automated, hands free $3million REPLENS business
  • Multiple income stream strategies for moving beyond just Amazon
  • Insights and inspiration from numerous highly profitable seven figure Amazon REPLENS sellers who have automated their businesses entirely!
  • The "rule of the game" for those killing it with Branded Bundles on Amazon
  • Lessons from one of our Amazon coaching students who went from private label on Amazon to 35,000 retail stores!
  • Learning to run an Amazon business on a small budget with limited time
  • Tapping in to the zero cost Amazon Influencer program for daily automated income just for making simple review videos of products you don't even sell
  • The numerous, profitable advantages of opening a small, limited hours retail location
  • We have some BIG HITTERS on Walmart who aren't just selling on Amazon any longer! You'll learn what to sell, what tools they're using and how to grow fast on Walmart.com with the same inventory you already have!
  • Secrets of building a seven figure business - only selling Lego!
  • Advanced Keepa sourcing training from the world's foremost experts on the topic - this will have you finding unlimited test-worthy inventory!
  • The latest bot scraping strategies for unlimited inventory sourcing online
  • How to recognize the millions of ASINs that are eligible for our unique "above the buy box" strategy that's igniting 100s of our student's businesses right now and isn't taught anywhere else!
  • The latest print on demand strategies for Amazon
  • Discussion panels on using a prep center, selling on Walmart, Scaling with REPLENS, scaling on eBay
  • Best practices and SOPs (standard operating procedures) for Amazon sellers of all levels
  • Cutting edge strategies for succeeding with wholesale on Amazon
  • Sessions on staying ahead of trends and policy changes as Amazon sellers
  • Learn the latest info about selling on TikTok shop
  • Plus MUCH more... OVER 40 SESSIONS!

As a BONUS you will also get access to all of the Livestream Videos from last years Proven Conference!

The Proven Conference is about YOUR Success!

There’s a motto going around our community: Success is like CANDLE LIGHT, not CAKE.”   

This simply means that the more we share, the more we are able to experience success. In contrast to eating a cake (which is very limited once a few people get their slice), we know that YOUR success does NOT mean there's less for the rest of us - it's quite the opposite!

As we grow together and encourage each other forward using our proven strategies, we all experience more success. We believe that we lose nothing when we help others - so we do!

We want to see you succeed as so many 1000's of others in our community have already done!

This Event will change your life in ways that you can't possibly anticipate!

Please know this -

There is absolutely no inherent intelligence or special skills that our leaders and successful attendees possess. We all started where you started: with limited resources and having no previous experience selling online.

While we do not teach any get-rich-quick-schemes around here, we do use proven strategies that have been learned and applied by 1000's of successful students all over the world. In our community you'll find people who had more excuses than you have, less experience and knowledge than you - coming from a place of more challenges, fewer resources and more roadblocks who have something you don't have yet - a thriving online business! Being surrounded by these types of people and these types of strategies will change you and propel you to new heights!

Yes, you might experience some failures and challenges, but we are here to help! We want to minimize the time and investment required to put you on your path to success. Being at a live event like the Proven Conference will propel you on your journey towards the life that you KNOW is possible.

Come join us!

Jim Cockrum

Host, "Silent Sales Machine Radio" Podcast 

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